Campus TV

Our school's campus TV was established in 2008 with the support of the Quality Education Fund and school sponsorship. Every year, campus TV recruits students who are interested in video production to become members of the group, providing them with training and opportunities to assist the school in recording major events. At the same time, we often recommend members to participate in competitions and activities organized by external organizations to broaden their horizons and enrich their learning experiences.

Through the process of producing short films, students do not only improve their production skills, but also enhance many more soft skills such as their communication, self-directed learning and teamwork. This process also effectively boosts students' confidence and has a significant impact on their future academic and career paths.

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2015-16 Hong Kong Book Fair

Our school participated in the "Youth News Reporting Experience Program" organized by the Hong Kong Youth Association. The program included two days of training in news reporting, writing, editing and filming. During the book fair, the students conducted interviews and their news reports were shown on screens at the fair and on the Trade Development Council's website.


2016-17 School Athletics Day

Our school held a photography competition with the theme of "Caring" to align with our school's three-year development plan, which aimed to cultivate students' moral character and manifest a caring campus culture. The competition received an enthusiastic response, with a total of 56 entries. Through this photography competition, students were expected to play a more active role in spreading the caring atmosphere on the campus.



2015-16 Open Day

To demonstrate our usual broadcast routine, we set up the campus TV live studio and post-production room for primary school students and guests to visit. In addition to introducing our equipment, we also created a 3D stereoscopic illusion painting for guests to take photos and keep as a memento.