Peer Counsellors

To strengthen the social skills, emotion management skills and self-esteem of secondary one students, they are invited to become peer counsellors and participate in a wide range of training camps and voluntary work. In secondary three to five, they will be promoted to become counselling leaders, providing individualised guidance to S1 students. It is believed that the peer counselling scheme can encourage mutual support among students of different forms.

Counselling leaders start to receive a series of training sessions in August in order to better prepare themselves for being a reliable senior to the S1 students. To create a closer bonding with the S1 students, leaders are given a high degree of autonomy in preparing and organising the S1 Orientation Camps. In the camps, leaders and the S1 students have numerous opportunities to interact with one another in orienteering and other team-building activities. Both of which have, hence, established lasting friendships.  

S1 Orientation Day

Team games and outdoor cooking enable students to foster a cohesion within their own classes. They can learn to interact with one another in a harmonious manner, which hence boosts the class morale as well as their self-care ability.

Sex Education Week

Apart from incorporating sex education in the regular teaching syllabus, our school also launches the Sex Education Week every year to teach students the appropriate attitudes toward sexes and genders.