Our Teachers’ Mission

Our mission is to offer all-round Christian education to students. Through the insistence of our beliefs, the fulfillment of our promises and the promotion of spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic education, we hope that our students will become the blessings for the families and society.



Our Beliefs

We firmly believe that every student
is entrusted to us by God.
has potential and is unique.
is able to progress under proper guidance.
We firmly believe that education
is a reflection of love.
is a process that life enlightens life.
inspires students to pursue truth, goodness, aesthetics and knowledge.
can arouse students' potentials and broaden their horizon.


Our Promise

We Promise to
uphold the truths of the Bible to help students develop a good character.
set a good example to students.
strive for continuous development in our profession.
create an environment that is full of love, respect and acceptance.
inspire students' potentials through a wide range of activities.
do our utmost to raise students' academic level.


Our Expectations

We expect that our students will
get to know Jesus and has a zest for life.
be kind, honest, self-disciplined, obedient, respectful and considerate.
be self-motivated to learn and strive for progress.
have strong commitment to take up duties and sufficient self-confidence to face challenges.