School Song (Audio)

Sung by: the school choir

Composed by: Revd John Su

Piano accompaniment by: student pianist

Lyrics by: Revd John Su, Dr Lau Wing Sang


Chinese version

English version


  主你有永生之道, 矢志要跟從。 
  德智體群美靈, 盡心同著重。 
  主有豐富恩典, 創始成終。 
  有信有望有愛, 生活樂融融。 
  真理生命道路, 蒙福實無窮。 
  努力上進成大器, 將來為主用。 
  一生榮神益人, 有聖靈同工。 



Lord, eternal life you bless, on we who follow you.
Bodies, minds and souls we give, striving to be true.
Lord, of grace abundant, we start and end with you.
Give us hope and love and faith, joyous life through you.
Lord, your truth and pathway, has blessing through and through.
Working hard to be our best, ready for your use.
Glory be to you Lord, light of mankind true.
Graceful rainbow shining bright, in the sky so blue.