School Motto & School Badge

School motto: Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.


According to John, Chapter 14 Verse 6, the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ alone. 

●     Jesus is the way because He guides us to know God and return to Him with all our hearts. 

●    Jesus is the truth in the way that everything He says and does is unquestionably true and angelic. More than universal morality, Jesus has set us an example of being an impeccable righteous man that aligns with the way to Heaven. 

●    Jesus is the source of all lives. He sacrificed on the cross and was reborn in three days so that we are rescued, living a hopeful, faithful and joyous life through Him thereafter.

To conclude, returning to the Lord brings us hope, faith and joy. These are three vital building blocks for our students to develop comprehensively and healthily.




Our school badge is represented with a cross and a book. The cross in the centre symbolises our commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Through His rescue, we have become sons and daughters of God, blessed with joy, peace and fruitfulness in our new lives. We also believe that Jesus Christ is the light of all mankind. He would enlighten our righteousness and keep us away from evil so that we could pursue our lives in favour of God. Hence, we are dedicated to nurture our future pillars with God’s words, to fill their lives with His grace, to educate them to love our neighbours as ourselves.

The book is the bible, an important reference that compiles all God’s wisdom. Based on God’s words, we aim at building a loving, harmonious and disciplined learning atmosphere on our campus. Ultimately, it is hoped that our students would become knowledgeable, visionary and live a fruitful life.