Our Mission & Vision

Dr. Lau Wing Sang

Our Vision and Goals

Our vision is to provide our students with all-round education. We are devoted to guiding our students on the basis of the teachings of the Bible so as to promote their spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic growth. We also strive to cultivate their learning motivation, self-discipline, manners and social skills, as well as passion for life, sense of commitment, noble character and civic awareness, so that they can lead a life of abundance and will make contributions to society in future.

Our specific goals are as follows:

Spiritual Education
Our students can understand the Biblical truth and gospel. With the life molded by God, they can love God and their neighbors and build up their values consistent with the teachings of the Bible, and therefore have a pure, sincere and healthy spirit.
Moral Education
Our students can build up confidence, self-esteem, sincerity, perseverance, kindness, integrity, self-discipline and dignity, and can show their respect, acceptance, consideration and care for others.
 Intellectual Education
Our students can lay good language foundations and develop their interest in learning and acquire study skills, so as to enrich their knowledge, widen their horizons and polish their thinking skills. 
Physical Education
Our students can develop an interest in physical activities. Through these, they build up both physical strength and willpower as well as foster their determination for continuous progress and a positive attitude towards gain and loss. 
Social Education
Our students can promote their capability of working, cultivate the passion for serving others, and build up harmonious relationship with people through serving, interacting and collaborating with others. 
 Aesthetic Education
Our students can develop their aesthetic sense and be able to appreciate and create art works. They can further realize the beauty and goodness of God’s creation, and can thus respect life and enhance their quality of life. 


Overall Aims of Education

We strive to provide holistic education to nurture all-rounded individuals who would have their spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects fully developed. 

Education is influential at all times, now and in the future. Among the six educational aspects, we believe that spiritual and moral education should be emphasised. Not only are they the most relevant for each other, but they also act as the most important catalyst for the sustainable growth of our students. Therefore, in a Christian context, the school shall encourage and enhance growth of our students in all the six aspects of development.


Building a harmonious school campus