English Teaching and Learning

We aim to raise the standard of English of students through tailor-made English curriculum and various interesting activities. We also encourage an enjoyment of reading, writing, discussion and the display of language skills in various forms.

 Scholastic LitPro Online Reading Platform

English Drama

English Learning 

Students are also exposed to project learning and iPads.

iPad Learning


Project Learning - Stanley Excursion



English Activities  

A variety of English activities are organized to arouse students’ interest in learning English, such as English Festival, iPad Club, English Café.

English Cafe


English Festival

Kick-off of English Festival 2016
Students are choosing their favourite books in book exhibition
Reading Challenge is a reading speed competition
students answer the questions of Reading Challenge by iPads
Students are finding the answer in Reading Bingo
Students are given part of the story, and they need to exchange it to get a complete story