Biography of the composer(1916-2007)

  • Revd John Su (July 2001)


    Revd John Su, was born on 22 May 1916. As a third-generation Christian in his family, Revd Su had long constructed a strong faith in the Lord. He was passionate about music and literature. At the age of 12, he began learning to play the organ and was able to play over 200 gospel hymns proficiently. At 14, he started composing and submitted three of his hymns and a preaching article to the magazines. His talent was universally acclaimed, sewing him a seed of serving the Lord through music in the future. At a preaching event by John Sung, Revd Su made the decision to dedicate his life to serving the Lord.

His strong dedication is manifested by his fearlessness against mortality on his way pursuing a holy life. In 1937 when there were frequent raids, he took a long train journey to attend John Sung’s Evangelism. In 1940, he started to serve through education. He was invited to co-edit a Hebrew dictionary and taught choral music. After marriage, he returned to Hong Kong and involved in teaching bible studies in Bethel Bible Seminary. During the Sino-Japanese War, Revd Su went to Shanghai and contributed tirelessly in translating and editing brochures and books for preaching purposes.


Being highly proficient in various languages, Revd Su opted to devote in preaching without any hesitation. Ever since 1961, he started to expand his route of preaching to other parts of Asia and even globally in 1962. Being appointed as the CEO of a religious bookstore, he made publications to over 50 books, including hymns, in hope to maximise the spread of gospel to the community.


In his late years, despite suffering from cataract, he insisted to travel to Egypt and hold an evangelism for 43 days. Revd John’s faith and loyalty to the Lord has set us an impeccable example. He was determined regardless of his depleting health.


In May 2007, Revd Su was discovered losing consciousness at home and was promptly sent to the hospital for medical attention. Under the meticulous care of medical professionals, Revd Su recovered rapidly. He was readmitted to hospital on 15 September. 12 days later, he passed away peacefully.