New Year, New Chapter: Set Sail for Excellence


Welcome back to the school and I hope you all had a wonderful summer break. A new year, a new page. May I now invite you to continue unleashing your ferventness, instilling the school with unending energy and thriving to achieve your best.


Recalling the previous year when school life had been so tremendously affected by the pandemic, learning and teaching became particularly uneasy. Notwithstanding our prompt response, the situation was always changing. From satisfying the immunisation requirements to resuming to full-day school, I am glad to see that all members of the school worked hand in hand together to combat all the difficulties ahead. No matter how quickly the policies had changed, we adapted and deployed our strategies under God’s guidance. With our beloved God, we believe that there is always sunshine above the sky as God's grace is ample enough for us to overcome hurdles.


The long-anticipated STREAM Room officially opened and started operating in early September. Thanks to modern technological development, we are always challenged with unpredictable and swift changes, setting up an indispensable position of STEM education in our school. More than the technological and mathematical aspects, our school's STEM education also incorporates elements of R (Reading) and A (Art). This leads to the unique formation of our own STREAM education. Through STREAM, it is deemed that students would be provided with a more comprehensive dimension of how they can integrate the acquired knowledge and apply it practically. Here, may I express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers in-charge who have strived for excellence in the hardware facilities and illuminated our young minds whole-heartedly.


In the recent 2022 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE), it is my pleasure to witness our students thrived and achieved captivating results, attaining a rather prospering pathway for their future career. Among them, a student scoring 37 marks in six subjects was successfully admitted to the Bachelor of Medicine cum Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program at the University of Hong Kong. Other students also entered professional health programs such as actuarial science, nursing, physiotherapy, business administration and engineering. Moreover, two students successfully obtained priority admission to the Social Work Department of the University of Hong Kong and the Art Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong through the "School Recommendation Direct Admission Scheme." Out of 450 participating secondary schools, surmounting up to 766 applicants, only 195 students were successfully admitted directly and we were part of this successful figure. The growth and achievements of our students today shall be credited to the dedicated cultivation, nurturing, companionship, and guidance from our teachers over the years.


The school theme this year is "Set Sail for Excellence". Despite the ongoing pandemic, let us continue to shape ourselves into individuals with aspirations and goals, who are self-motivated and steadfast in studies. As teachers, we strongly believe that every child in Lau Wing Sang Secondary School bears the beautiful fruits of life, and the passing on of knowledge and inspiration are the greatest joy and encouragement for us.


May all the glory be given to our Heavenly Father God!