Children who face headwinds learn to care for themselves


When a child encounters difficulties, faces failures, feels miserable, and sometimes even hates himself, all these pressures form a "super typhoon" that can seriously destroy the child's growth. "Self-compassion" is a concept proposed by American psychologist Kristin Neff in 2003 in the context of the development of "positive psychology". It means that people can care for and understand the difficulties they face, as well as the pain they have to bear in their hearts. In recent years, our school's counselling team has been promoting relevant topics, hoping to help students view themselves with care and understanding, and to understand that they may have their own disappointments and failures, so as to replace the attitude of excessive self-criticism or self-blame. It also arranges different activities and the teacher shared and established positive and healthy values ​​so that students can fly in the face of headwinds.


Sometimes, just because of a thought, the mind is stuck in a dead end. Let me sharewith you a humorous and wise story named "A test question that will last a lifetime"


On a stormy night, you are driving a car and pass a station. There are three people waiting anxiously for the bus: one is a dying old man who needs to go to the hospital immediately. One is a doctor. He once saved your life, and you always dream about repaying him. The third one is your dream lover. If you miss this opportunity, you may never meet someone who makes your heart beat so much.


However, your car can only seat one more person, what would you choose?


Among the 200 applicants, only one person was hired. He did not explain his reasons. He only said the following words calml, "Give the doctor the car keys and let him take the old man to the hospital, and then I stay and wait for the bus with the girl of my dreams!"


Change your mind and learn to be kind to yourself, you can make yourself run higher and further! Parents and students, our school not only values ​​students' academic performance and character development, but also values ​​the healthy growth of each student's body, mind and soul. We hope that you can all master the secrets of abundant life through Christian faith.


   "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, ESV)