Our Mission & Vision
  • Dr. Lau Wing Sang

    Our Vision and Goals


    Our vision is to provide our students with all-round education. We are devoted to guiding our students on the basis of the teachings of the Bible so as to promote their spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic growth. We also strive to cultivate their learning motivation, self-discipline, manners and social skills, as well as passion for life, sense of commitment, noble character and civic awareness, so that they can lead a life of abundance and will make contributions to society in future.

Our specific goals are as follows:
Spiritual Education
Our students can understand the Biblical truth and gospel. With the life molded by God, they can love God and their neighbors and build up their values consistent with the teachings of the Bible, and therefore have a pure, sincere and healthy spirit.
Moral Education
Our students can build up confidence, self-esteem, sincerity, perseverance, kindness, integrity, self-discipline and dignity, and can show their respect, acceptance, consideration and care for others.
 Intellectual Education
Our students can lay good language foundations and develop their interest in learning and acquire study skills, so as to enrich their knowledge, widen their horizons and polish their thinking skills.
Physical Education
Our students can develop an interest in physical activities. Through these, they build up both physical strength and willpower as well as foster their determination for continuous progress and a positive attitude towards gain and loss.
Social Education
Our students can promote their capability of working, cultivate the passion for serving others, and build up harmonious relationship with people through serving, interacting and collaborating with others.
 Aesthetic Education
Our students can develop their aesthetic sense and be able to appreciate and create art works. They can further realize the beauty and goodness of God's creation, and can thus respect life and enhance their quality of life.
Overall Aims of Education

We strive to provide holistic education to nurture all-rounded individuals who would have their spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects fully developed.


Education is influential at all times, now and in the future. Among the six educational aspects, we believe that spiritual and moral education should be emphasised. Not only are they the most relevant for each other, but they also act as the most important catalyst for the sustainable growth of our students. Therefore, in a Christian context, the school shall encourage and enhance growth of our students in all the six aspects of development.

Our Teachers' Mission

Our mission is to offer all-round Christian education to students. Through the insistence of our beliefs, the fulfillment of our promises and the promotion of spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic education, we hope that our students will become the blessings for the families and society.

Our Beliefs

We firmly believe that every student 
is entrusted to us by God.
has potential and is unique.
is able to progress under proper guidance.
We firmly believe that education 
is a reflection of love.
is a process that life enlightens life.
inspires students to pursue truth, goodness, aesthetics and knowledge.
can arouse students' potentials and broaden their horizon.


Our Promise

We Promise to 
uphold the truths of the Bible to help students develop a good character.
set a good example to students.
strive for continuous development in our profession.
create an environment that is full of love, respect and acceptance.
inspire students' potentials through a wide range of activities.
do our utmost to raise students' academic level.


Our Expectations

We expect that our students will
get to know Jesus and has a zest for life.
be kind, honest, self-disciplined, obedient, respectful and considerate.
be self-motivated to learn and strive for progress.
have strong commitment to take up duties and sufficient self-confidence to face challenges.
School Attributes

1. School Management and Administration

  To provide student-centred and quality-focused education, the school is dedicated to uphold school-based managementwhich helps enhance transparency and accountability of school governance. With the establishment of the School IMC in August 2006, the composition of the school's key stakeholders was further enriched by the involvement of the School Sponsoring Body, the School Principal, teachers, parents and individual entities. Such key stakeholders are all crucial to the school's betterment in administration. Apart from the IMC, the Parent-Teacher Association, the Alumni Association and the Student Union also form the important channels for all members of the school to exchange ideas and concerns. Through organising regular staff meetings, the School Council offers ample supervision over academic support, student support, school administration, mission and evangelism as well as support to teachers. It is deemed that by balancing the use of school and community resources in school planning, the teaching and learning efficiencies can be optimised. This way, the school is confident in constructing an ever-improving school campus.



2. Learning and Teaching

The school takes an active role in launching life-wide learning, project learning and discovery learning. With the use of interactive teaching methods and up-to-date information technology facilities, we intend to cultivate students' learner initiatives as well as their experience in diversity learning. The school implements an ample of measures to ensure the learning and teaching efficiencies, including peer lesson observations, collaborative lesson planning, cooperative teaching and book inspections. Strengthening teachers' training is also our main focus. 


It is deemed that award schemes would further motivate students to participate in a wide range of academic-related activities such as the English Week, the Reading Scheme and various competitions inside and outside the school. 


Apart from creating learning incentives for students, we also focus on strategic learning. It is important to foster students with multiple academic skills in order to help them achieve the standard learning outcomes under the new secondary education curriculum. The school regularly organises workshops on time management skills and exam skills. Through setting up the online handbook system for parents of junior form students, parents are encouraged to collaborate with the school in terms of academic progress supervision over their children. 


Self-directed learning is particularly important for sustainable teaching. Hence, the school requires students to perform project learning in core subjects. We also value the qualities of students' works. To recognise students' efforts, the school is keen to establish various award schemes. The school is also persistent in assisting weaker students with study camps, after-school remedial classes and bridging courses.


3. Student Support and School Ethos

We emphasise on self-discipline development in our students. To maximise delivery of care and love, we pursue the 'two-teacher classrooms'system'. In cultivating students’spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects, the school adopts religious education, discipline education, counselling, civic education, as well as conducting a wide range of extracurricular activities (ECA), Personal Growth lessons, peer counselling schemes, leadership training schemes, accumulation of community service hours, correction schemes and numerous award schemes. We believe all these diversifying learning activities are beneficial by boosting students' confidence. To comply with the New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum, the school introduces Student Learning Profile (SLP) right at the beginning of form one in hope to facilitate students to reflect on their on-going experiences and set goals.


To maintain collaboration between the school and parents, Parents' Days are organised three times every academic year. We also constantly invite professionals to offer talks and parents' workshops. Through building a strong connection with parents, we expect healthy growth in each of our beloved students.


4. Students' Academic and Non-academic Performances

Through consistent promotion of reading and learning strategies, we are pleased to see students becoming self-motivated learners and showing greater progression in terms of academic development. According to the schools value-added data released by the Education Bureau, the value-added scores of our school's Form 5 and Form 7 public exam results in the past few years have been significantly higher than the average value-added scores of all secondary schools in the city.


In regard to extra-curricular activities (ECAs), our school has established five uniform groups and offers more than 30 extracurricular activities for students to participate in. Through in-school and out-of-school services, extracurricular activity training, and leadership training programs, students' leadership skills and their sense of citizenship have been enhanced, as evidenced by their keen involvement in taking up various leadership and service positions within the school and their active participation in inter-school competitions. In addition, the school also frequently organises exchange activities in mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Korea, and other parts of Asia.


5. Curriculum Policy

Education must cater for the diverse needs of students. Therefore, school-based curriculums as well as adjustments have been developed for students according to their individual needs.  For example, school-based curriculums are adopted in humanities subjects, computer literacy lessons, religious education and Chinese and English Language subjects. To unleash students' potentials based on their language abilities, English medium-of-instruction (EMI) classes and small-teaching classes are also established in all forms. 


6. Assessments for Learning

In each academic year, students are required to attend one uniform test and three examinations. Apart from exam performances, our teachers also assess students through their daily performances on quizzes, assignments, projects and lesson participation.


7. Catering for Learner Differences

The school acknowledges the importance of gifted education so we have long adopted "Catering for Learner Differences" as one of our development tasks. In practice, weaker students are arranged to attend after-school remedial classes. Small class teaching, in which students are categorised according to their academic performances, is also implemented in order to boost students' learning efficiencies. 



8. Policy on Promotion and Repetition

In order to proceed to higher grades of studies, all junior form students must attain at least a 'pass' in all three core subjects. In terms of Science Education, Humanities subjects, Putonghua and Chinese History, students are required to attain a 'pass' in at least two of these subjects.


For form four and form five students, arts students are required to attain a pass' in both language subjects and Liberal Studies whereas science students are required to pass both language subjects, Mathematics and Liberal Studies. Regardless of the mainstream chosen, both arts and science students also need to attain a pass in the overall average score in order to receive promotions.


9. Use of Information Technologies in Teaching and Learning

All our teachers have reached a standard level of information technology (IT) competency, including BIT, IIT, UIT and AIT. To facilitate interactive learning through information technology, the school has set up four computer laboratories with up-to-date gadgets and appliances. There are also Computer-Assisted Learning Room, Multimedia Learning Centre and Filming and Production Rooms for the Campus TV. All classrooms are equipped with projectors, all sorts of hardwares for computer-based education as well as stable Internet access.


10. Integrated Education

The school has initiated integrated education since 2001. Through upholding the principles of Teaching for All and Disability Inclusion, we have been offering quality counselling services to more than 20 students who require special attention physically. 


11. Promotion of Reading in Schools

The school has adopted multiple strategies to cultivate a passion for reading among our students. Apart from the regular morning reading sessions in both Chinese and English, the school has also launched reading schemes to encourage students to set their reading goals and reward them for their efforts. To further boost students' reading ability, the Chinese Language subject, English Language subject and Bible Studies mandate students to participate in online reading programs such as Scholastic. Other reading-promotion strategies include subscription to newspapers for students all-year-round, organising book fairs, book swapping events, book sharings and writers talks.

School Motto & School Badge

School motto: Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.


According to John, Chapter 14 Verse 6, the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ alone.

● Jesus is the way because He guides us to know God and return to Him with all our hearts.

● Jesus is the truth in the way that everything He says and does is unquestionably true and angelic. More than universal morality, Jesus has set us an example of being an impeccable righteous man that aligns with the way to Heaven.

● Jesus is the source of all lives. He sacrificed on the cross and was reborn in three days so that we are rescued, living a hopeful, faithful and joyous life through Him thereafter.

To conclude, returning to the Lord brings us hope, faith and joy. These are three vital building blocks for our students to develop comprehensively and healthily.



Our school badge is represented with a cross and a book. The cross in the centre symbolises our commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Through His rescue, we have become sons and daughters of God, blessed with joy, peace and fruitfulness in our new lives. We also believe that Jesus Christ is the light of all mankind. He would enlighten our righteousness and keep us away from evil so that we could pursue our lives in favour of God. Hence, we are dedicated to nurture our future pillars with God's words, to fill their lives with His grace, to educate them to love our neighbours as ourselves.


The book is the bible, an important reference that compiles all God's wisdom. Based on God’s words, we aim at building a loving, harmonious and disciplined learning atmosphere on our campus. Ultimately, it is hoped that our students would become knowledgeable, visionary and live a fruitful life.