Discipline Team

Our approach to student guidance and discipline is framed according to biblical values. We emphasise on gathering the efforts of every teaching member in order to create an orderly school environment in all aspects. As such, we anticipate our students to become righteous and responsible individuals.

  • Training camps for prefects

    More than team-building, these activities encourage students to challenge themselves, upgrade their characters and strengthen their leadership skills.

  • Award of Class Ethos Excellence

    This award is given to classes which demonstrate an excellent class ethos. The four major selection criteria include self-disciplinary, punctuality, strength of cohesion and diligence.

  • Regular meetings

    The appointed student prefects are required to attend regular meetings to brush up their leadership skills as well as the problem-solving skills for handling their daily duties. The teacher-advisors would also provide guidance on self and peer evaluations.

  • Inaugural ceremonies

    Inaugural ceremonies serve as an official recognition of prefects’ identities and responsibilities. They vowed to administer the school rules accordingly, maintaining a satisfactory school ethos.

  • Crime prevention educational talks

    Through inviting professionals to share real stories, students can be instilled with the correct values more profoundly.

  • Team-building activities

    As a team, prefects spending more time with one another can sustain their strong morale.