Message behind the school anthem

"Lord, you have the words of eternal life, to whom shall we go?" This was a sincere expression of faith by the disciple Peter to Jesus two thousand years ago, and it is also a key point that we hope our students to constantly reflect on as they grow up.

The Lord Jesus is the creator of heaven and earth. Through the school motto, we declare that He is the "way" who can lead us to a happy life; the "truth" who sets the standard for our actions and behaviour; and the "life" who, through His sacrificial death, gives us abundant eternal life. In Him, there is abundant grace and truth. How can we not follow Him wholeheartedly?

We also firmly believe that the Lord Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. As long as we faithfully follow Him, maintain faith, hope, and love for Him, and are led by the Holy Spirit, we will be able to grow healthily, becoming vessels of honour and usefulness to Him. We can do all sorts of good things in our families and society, demonstrating a beautiful testimony and glorifying the Lord.

In ancient times, people's sins brought about a flood that destroyed everything, but only the righteous Noah and his family were saved by the Lord and were able to board the ark to escape. The Lord has abundant grace, mercy, and love. After the flood, He painted a rainbow in the endless blue sky as a sign, making a covenant of forgiveness and grace with mankind, allowing people to enjoy peace and happiness. Dear students who are receiving a Christian holistic education, are you willing to make a commitment to the Lord, to paint a brilliant rainbow in your youthful years, and follow Him to live a blessed life?


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