1)To facilitate communications between the school and her students.

2)To provide a platform for students to practise leadership, self-autonomy and collaboration skills.

3)To strengthen students' sense of belonging to the school.



1)To strengthen communication between the Student Union and the school.

2)To organise activities.

3)To offer practical advice to the cabinet.


Annual Plan

  1. Prepare for the election (March to September)
  2. Leadership Training Camp (September)
  3. Consultation Day (September or October)
  4. Propaganda (September or October)
  5. Election Day (October)
  6. Cabinet Instalment Ceremony (October)
  7. Establish Task Forces (October to November)
~.Year-round Activities.~
  1. Selling stationary at low prices (all-year round)
  2. Internal Borrowing Services (all-year round)
  3. Internal and External Welfare (all-year round)
  4. Joint-school events such as oral practices and exchange of past papers (all-year round)
  5. Welcome back to school! (September)
  6. Pre-exam Cheering (all-year round)
  7. Distribution of External Welfare Card (October or November)
  8. Talent Quest (December)
  9. Christmas Handicraft Workshop (December)
  10. Lucky Draw at Christmas (December)
  11. Blood Donation Day (December or January)
  12. Delivering gifts and blessings at the S6 Thanksgiving Service (January)
  13. Chess Competitions (February)
  14. Singing Contest Preliminaries (May)
  15. Singing Contest Finals and Casual Wear Day (July)
~.Collection of opinions.~
  1. invite students to fill in google forms
  2. announce statistics in morning assemblies
  3. food-testing
  4. reflect students’ opinions with the tuck shop and the lunchbox provider
  5. conduct meetings with class representatives
  6. meet the school principal to reflect students' voices
~.Special Activities.~
  1. Special Thanks to Janitors after the torrential downpour
  2. Welcome back to Full-day School!
  3. Facial mask distribution
  4. Online chess competitions