Curriculum Development cum Learning Efficiency Enhancement Team

We organise a series of academic-related activities to optimise students’efficiency in learning. An honourable activity includes the annual breakthrough learning days, which are designed for students to acquire knowledge outside the classrooms.

Self-directed reading schemes

We implement multiple to promote a reading culture on our campus. In more ning assemblies, teachers are invited to do book sharings. Writer's talks are also arranged regularly so as to provide a platform for students to interact with authors and understand more about the art of literature. To maximise students' literary genres, the school organises book crossing festivals and adopts Lexile Scale as an indicator to monitor students progress in boosting their English reading ability.

Academic Weeks

In every academic year, we schedule at least two academic weeks to consolidate and exponent students' knowledge in a fun learning atmosphere.

Electives Taster Programmes

In between Januarys and Februarys, S3 students are offered a chance to choose their intended elective subjects and experience the learning. This activity aims to provide students with a more holistic view of the subjects before they do their elective subject selection for the senior secondary years.

Breakthrough Learning Report Presentation Day

After learning about special topics outside the classrooms, students are required to share their learning outcomes during the assemblies.

Breakthrough Learning Days

The school arranges various excursions and allows students to make their own choices based on their interest area. Students need to complete assignments and reports afterwards.

  • Workshops of Augmented Reality (AR)

  • A visit to Tai Sang Wai

  • A visit to Tai Sang Wai

  • Campus tour to the Department of Physics in CUHK

  • A visit to Kowloon Walled City Park

  • A visit to 759 Store

  • A visit to Kowloon Walled City Park

  • A visit to Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (HKSTC)

  • Student trying out 3D drawing in the virtual reality (VR) equipment

  • Sitting in a lecture in CUHK

  • Appreciating Freeman Lau’s artworks

  • Learning about the volcano history and geology of Hong Kong

  • A visit to Electrical and Mechanical Service Department (EMSD) Headquarters

  • An excursion to Kwun Tong

  • Studying coastal landform at Sharp Island