Through water and fire, you will gain prosperity and have a strong fighting spirit.


After three years, it was not easy to escape from the tormenting epidemic. From taking off the masks, I saw the smiles of our students, which warmed the entire campus. In late May of last school year, our campus experienced an unusual fire accident. The blazing images and pictures made the whole school and even the neighbors who cared about us nervous. Everyone sent their greetings.


At the beginning of this school year, Super Typhoon Sulla hit Hong Kong and wreaked havoc on the land of Hong Kong. In a rare move, schools in Hong Kong postponed the "opening ceremony" on the first day of the new school year to September 4. "We cannot prevent history from repeating itself, but what is going to come will come again." In less than a week, at about 11 pm on September 7, the Observatory issued the "Black Rainstorm Warning" signal, and late at night announced that all schools in Hong Kong would be suspended all day again on September 8. Schools were suspended, and the black rain warning that was maintained for 16 hours and 35 minutes this time also broke Hong Kong's previous record. The devastation can be imagined. The entire Chai Wan District became a flood. Many places underground of the school were flooded. Flooding occurred in the Tianlin Garden on the 7th floor. Many equipment throughout the school were also damaged.


What I am thankful for is that the workers who stayed overnight and those who lived near the school rushed back to the school overnight to "rescue" the campus. They worked tirelessly to drain out a large amount of rainwater and reduce the damage caused. On the weekend after the heavy rain, all the workers also returned to the school to work together to clean up the aftermath. They were so dedicated in spirit that they are our role model! After classes resumed, in order to thank the workers for their hard work and dedication, the Student Union took the initiative to invite all students in the school to write thank you cards and shoot videos to express their appreciation and gratitude to the workers. Seeing this picture, I feel very happy because our students have a grateful and appreciative heart towards others. As a parent, can you not be inspired?


"We went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance." (Psalm 66:12, NIV)


In the 2023 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination that just passed, the senior brothers and sisters once again achieved great results in the exam, with impressive results! Among them, some students are admitted to the top three majors, including history, mathematics, architecture, technology and finance, nursing, etc. LWS students have been carefully cultivated by their teachers for many years, and with their firm fighting spirit, they have become the pillars of tomorrow!


This year, we use "Strive to learn Strive for your dream" as the theme. We hope that our students will become knowledgeable, cultivated, and temperamental people who show great foresight. Don’t forget: in my eyes, every child of “LWS” is pure and outstanding without being arrogant; his life is bright but not dazzling; he works hard without complaining or resentment!


May all glory be given to our Father God in heaven!