Creation of an English Version of our School Song

In the first and second academic years after the establishment of the school in September 1999, the school song was not yet available. Teachers and students sang 《Joy》 and 《All for You》as the "school song" on important occasions of the school.


  In July 2001, our school was blessed with a Christian musician, Rev. So Jor-yeung, who composed the music for our school song and wrote the lyrics for it with Dr. Lau Wing-sang. We will never forget their support and contribution to our school.


  As time goes by, the 10th Anniversary celebrations started in September 2009 with a series of activities, one of which was an English Drama performance. One of the activities was an English Drama performance entitled "Back to the Wondrous School", which was carefully planned by the Head of English, Mr. Wong Mei Ling, Mr. Geoffrey Atcheson, a foreign teacher, and Mr. Lee Hong Stalk, a teacher of English, and performed by 4 S2 and 13 S3 students; 3 S2 and 13 S3 students were involved behind the scenes. Three students from S2, one from S5 and eight from S7 were working behind the scenes. After months of preparation, the play was finally performed on 4 December 2009 in the morning at the school hall and in the evening at the Y-Complex, Youth Square, Chai Wan, and received unanimous praise from teachers, students and parents.


  At the end of the play, there was a scene where the students sang and danced to express their gratitude to their alma mater. In order to make this scene perfect, Mr. Wong Mei Ling, Mr. Geoffrey Atcheson and Mr. Lee Hong Stalk spent about two weeks in mid-November 2009 to translate the school song into English so that the performing students could dance and sing along with the school's song in that joyful scene. The English version of the school song has two melodies: one is the same as the Chinese version and is more solemn, and the other is a more light-hearted melody. The latter melody was created to complement the delicate dance and joyful atmosphere of the students who performed in the above scene.


  We would like to thank the following teachers and friends for their selfless efforts and hard work in completing the English school song in such a short period of time.

  • From left hand side in the photograph:

    Mr. Lawrence Siu Kai Yiu, Ms. Wong Mei Ling, Mr. Geoffrey R. Atcheson, Ms. Contie Li Hong Ting, Ms. Li Ngar Man, Mr. Cheng Tak Foo (Principal)
    From left: Mr. Siu Kai Yiu, Mr. Wong Mei Ling, Mr. Geoffrey R. Atcheson, Mr. Lee Hong Stalk, Mr. Lee Nga Man and Mr. Cheng Tak Fu.

The school is greatly indeted to the following staff who have paid so much effort to produce the English version of the School Anthlem.

Mr. Geoffrey R. Atcheson :

Translation of the lyrics

Ms. Wong Mei Ling &Ms. Contie Li Hong Ting:

Participation and Coordination of the process of translation

Mr. Lawrence Siu Kai Yiu :

Production of the more lively melody of the School Anthlem

Ms. Li Ngar Man :

Proof-reading and Modification of the School Anthlem


The school is also grateful to Mr. Lam Ching Fai, who voluntarily helped combine the Chinese and English versions of the School Anthlem into a single piece of works. ( Mr. Lam Ching Fai is the husband of the school teacher Ms. Lau Wing Suen.)


School Song. 10th Anniversary English Drama English Rhythmic Version