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Our 0.68-hectare campus consists of two playgrounds, more than thirty-six classrooms, five laboratories, one art room, one music room, one home-economics room, one social science room, one study room, one teachers' library, one student library and English Cafe. Non-academic facilities include the school hall, a medical room, a social worker room, three counselling rooms, multiple conference rooms and activity rooms as well as a religious room.

The school is also well-prepared for the e-learning era. Apart from constantly updating the audio-visual hardwares and softwares, we also specially designed computer laboratories that would accommodate the rapid development of STREAM education. For instance, the STREAM Room is recently equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters and IoT devices like smart curtains.

The school is also dedicated to contributing to environmental education. Thanks to the effort of students and teachers, our school was awarded the Awards for Environmental Excellence in 2002 and 2003 respectively. Below shows the eco-friendly facilities on our school campus.


1. Biodiversity Preservation Centre

Under the moderate light and gentle breeze, this semi-open area allows students to chit chat with their friends while appreciating the adorableness of Meme and Mormor (the two tortoises) and other fish and plants. Conservation-related magazines and photos are also available for students to read.


2. Nature Trail and Ecological Lake

Located on the ground floor. The trail is teemed with various types of plants, attracting a wide diversity of birds and butterflies. The ecological lake was designed to accommodate fishes from both deep and shallow water areas.

3. Biodiversity Corridor

Students can chill out under the parasols and enjoy the beautiful scenery comprised of the flowering plants.

4. Rooftop Garden

Laid with artificial grass, the rooftop has become a harbour for many beautiful creatures, manifesting the harmony between man and nature.

5. Backyard Garden

Next to the main building, the Backyard Garden is the land of fruit trees. During harvest periods, students enjoy the fruit they have long anticipated for.

Area: 0.68 hectare

Founded in: 1999

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