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DSE Diploma Exam Results|Boy who lost his mother at a young age and lives in a children's home scores well in the exam and hopes to become a sports coach.


Picture 1 of 1 - DSE Candidate of International Social Service Hong Kong Children's Home, Mr Cheung Kam To (Photo by Fung Hoi Kin)


The results of the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) were released yesterday (22nd). Candidate Cheung Kam-to, who stayed at the International Social Service Children's Home in Hong Kong, scored 27 marks in the best 5 subjects, including 5** in History, and 5* in Chinese Language and Liberal Studies. The accommodation of the children's home is not perfect, there is only a small table when Cheung Kam-to is studying, there are younger children in the home who may disturb his study, and there is no computer provided for each child, but Cheung Kam-to still managed to get good grades thanks to his self-discipline and perseverance, and he intends to enroll in a sports-related programme in the university.


Kam Tao came from a single-parent family and was admitted to a children's home when he was nine years old because his mother was suffering from cancer, and he has been living in the home ever since she passed away. Kam Tao said that he relied heavily on his mother when he was a child and was criticised for being a "Hong Kong child" when he first moved into the home, even putting on his socks the wrong way round. Children living in a home have to help with household chores, learning how to cook, clean and clean, etc., and as a result, Kam Tao gradually became more independent. When preparing for the DSE, he still has to continue to take care of the household chores in his home without any "privileges".


Many students preferred to study late at night, but the children in the family home had to lead a disciplined life, going to bed at around 9 a.m. Therefore, during his preparation for the DSE, Kam Tao woke up at 6 a.m. every day to study, striving for time to study and averaging more than 10 hours of study per day. In addition, there are only two computers in the family home, which are shared by eight children. During the period of suspension of classes, students need to study on the Internet, so he can only use a telephone with a smaller screen to take online classes.


Kam Tao, who chose sports-related subjects for his first three aspirations in the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS), said that being admitted to the university had enabled him to live up to his mother's expectations of him, and that he hoped to become a sports coach in the future.