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Education News|Self-determined S1 class test under quarantine, many schools continue to test to help formulate teaching strategies (Sing Tao Daily)

  • Some secondary schools pointed out that the outbreak had affected students' learning, and that they needed Pre-S1 data to understand their strengths and weaknesses so that they could adjust their teaching strategies.


    (Sing Tao Daily) The Education Bureau (EDB) announced earlier that the sampling arrangement for the coming Pre-Secondary One Hong Kong Attainment Test (HKAT) would be cancelled and secondary schools would be allowed to decide whether or not to participate in the test according to their school-based situation. Some secondary school headmasters believe that the new epidemic has affected the learning of Primary 6 students, and it is more important for schools to understand the academic level of the new Secondary 1 students through the test to help formulate teaching strategies, while some schools intend to use school-based assessment as a substitute. With the increasing number of confirmed cases in schools due to the recurring epidemic, secondary schools have made reference to the immunisation arrangement of the Diploma of Education Examination (DSE) and required new students to complete a rapid test.

    Secondary schools usually use the results of the Pre-S1 Hong Kong Attainment Test (Pre-S1) for the allocation of classes to new Secondary 1 students. This year, the test has been postponed to 2 August due to the special school holidays in March and April in Hong Kong. In response to the outbreak of the Newcastle epidemic, the Administration has cancelled the original arrangement of sampling for secondary school places allocation adjustment in every "odd-numbered year" after the year 2000, and secondary schools can decide on their own whether or not to take part in the examination. Although no sample answer books will be taken and no external invigilators will be set up, courier companies will be arranged to distribute question books, test administration reports and other items on the day of the examination, and it has been emphasised that the Pre-S1 is a confidential test.

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  • The CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School in Chai Wan has decided to participate in the Pre-S1 this year, and the headmaster, Mr Mui Chi-yip, believes that since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic has affected the daily learning of the students, the school should make use of the Pre-S1 with credibility to grasp the data on the academic level of the freshmen, so that if it is found that the freshmen are not so good at certain subjects, such as reading in English, the school can formulate a strategy for them, and arrange for the students with different ability to participate in the "top and bottom" examination. In the past few years, schools have been involved in the examination process because of the outbreak of the epidemic," he said.


    Mui Chi-yip said that completing three subjects in one day is indeed a burden for students, and suggested that parents and students should look at it with a normal mind, without the need to practise deliberately, and "start from the beginning when they enter secondary school, and deal with it with a positive attitude". He added that the immunisation requirements of the examination centres will be implemented in accordance with the specifications of the HKDSE Examination.
    School-based Assessment (SBA) Alternative Examinations


DSS secondary school United Christian College (Kowloon East) has also decided to take part in the Pre-S1 examination. The school principal, Mr Cheng Kin Tak, pointed out that the school will require new Secondary 1 students to complete a quick test on the day of the examination before they can return to school to take the test, describing the Pre-S1 as a "necessary activity", and believing that students won't be absent from the examination due to the fear of the epidemic. "If parents have any worries, they can also apply for their children to skip the examination, and they will be placed into different classes according to their results in school.



Some schools have chosen not to participate in Pre-S1. The Salesians of Don Bosco Ng Siu Mui Secondary School in Kwai Chung is planning to arrange school-based assessment for Chinese, English and Mathematics for new S1 students during the summer holiday adaptation programme in August. The Principal, Mr Lee Kin-man, pointed out that the Pre-S1 question papers are for use by all secondary schools in Hong Kong, and the school-based assessment can better reflect the actual level of students, so that the school can formulate a teaching method that better suits the needs of the new students.



Mr Lee pointed out that upon completion of registration, new students would be regarded as enrolled students and would be required to return to school to complete a quick test every day during the summer adaptation programme and the SBA period, and that schools would distribute test kits with the corresponding number of days to new students on the day of their S1 registration.



According to a circular issued by the Administration earlier, schools may also require students to submit a "Declaration of Health Status" on the day of the test. If the Administration announces that all schools will be closed on the day of the test due to epidemics, etc., the test will be cancelled in the current session.