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Extract from "North District secondary schools admit students on their own, arrange video interviews for cross-boundary students" (Sing Tao Daily)

  • (Sing Tao Daily reported) S1 self-admission application period expired yesterday, in the fifth wave of the outbreak of the epidemic, many schools learnt from last year's experience and adjusted the interview arrangements, a secondary school in the North District specifically for cross-border students to arrange a video interview, and physical interviews in parallel; there are also schools predicted that if the epidemic worsens, will cancel the physical interview, change to submit a video or directly adjust the weight of the admission of students. Some secondary school principals pointed out that with the arrangement of  "vaccine bubbles" and other arrangements, the school sector tends to maintain the physical interviews as usual, and it is expected that the "change" of individual schools will not have much impact on students.


    The Stewards Ma Kam Ming Charitable Foundation Ma Ko Pan Memorial College, organised by the Hong Kong Theological Trust in Tuen Mun, received 480 applications this year, about 30 less than last year. Vice Principal Mr So Chun-wai explained that some of the diagnosed students had visited the school earlier, and the school encouraged parents to submit their applications by post, and it is expected that about 20 applications will be received by post in the next few days.


    As for the CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School in Chai Wan, a total of 403 applications were received, a slight increase compared to last year, which was described by the headmaster, Mr Mui Chi-yip, as "a rise against the market trend". Last year, the school asked students to take photographs for interviews in response to the epidemic. Mui said he would try to arrange physical interviews this year, but the decision would depend on the situation after the Lunar New Year holidays.


    Wong Tai Sin District Secondary School Principal Association Chairman Lau Yiu-hung pointed out that the school sector has learnt from the experience of last year's outbreak of the epidemic, the interview arrangements have long been deployed, such as group interviews to individual interviews, etc., "Other schools, if suddenly due to the seriousness of the epidemic cancellation of physical interviews, will also be changed to video, filming, or to adjust the weighting of the scores. She pointed out that with the increasing secondary school vaccination rate and the government's implementation of the "vaccine bubble", most schools are inclined to maintain the physical interview this year, which is expected to have little impact on students.