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Kevin Yeung (JP Secretary for Education): Physical education classes will be organized carefully, with activities without physical contact preferred (MingPao)

首日首節班主任課 讓學生抒發感受


Lam Tat-ho, principle of the CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School in Chai Wan, said that a half-day timetable had been drawn up and the first lesson on the first day of the resumption of classes would be a class teacher's lesson, in the hope that students would have a chance to express their feelings and relieve the pressure of the period of suspension of classes. He also said that in order to prevent students from changing clothes and increasing the risk of infection, PE lessons at the beginning of the resumption of classes will only teach theory, such as teaching ball games, tactics, etc. Depending on the situation, if the Education Bureau announces the relaxation of full-day schooling, it will be arranged for students to do light exercise, such as dance, social dance, etc. He said that if students have any needs, they will be given the opportunity to do so. He said that if students had the need, arrangements would be made for them to change clothes in batches of about 12 students on each floor.


He said that he was considering how to arrange the oral part of the final examination. Some grades, such as S5, will have to cope with the DSE oral examination next year and need to have a chance to practise, so he was considering using the transparent "partition" specially made for the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) Examination earlier as a partition, thinking that "it is not necessary to abolish the DSE Examination every time and it is possible to explore and solve the problem together".

CMA Secondary School: For fitness equipment Disinfection of wheeled flow


Mr Mak Yiu-kwong, Principal of the CMA Secondary School in Shek Kip Mei, said that the sports hall now plans to do warm-up and running exercises, and that the school has 10 rowing machines as well as equipment such as cycling machines, which can be used by students on a rotational basis. There are 10 rowing machines and cycling machines for students to take turns using the equipment. The school will place disinfectant supplies so that students can sterilise their own equipment after use and let the next person use it. He said that students can do individual training such as shooting baskets at different locations in batches, and basketballs are not shared; during recess, if students wish to play badminton, they can only bring their own rackets, and teachers on duty will step up inspections to prevent students from sharing rackets.

Yuen Yuen Institute's affiliated schools: no cancellation of sports activities


Fung Kam Yin, the Principal of The Yuen Yuen Institute MFBM Nei Ming Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial College, said that students need to adjust to the resumption of classes and hope to let students move towards a normal school life, and will not cancel sports activities. She said the school used to have activities to cultivate students' interest in sports, and students would do personal training such as jumping on the spot, palm pressing, and one-minute squatting and standing, etc. Both the school and the students have had similar experiences, and they are now inclined to use this approach to conduct physical education lessons.

(New Stage of Anti-epidemic)