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  • New subject 29 core modules reduced to 12. Teachers: Too many areas need to be chosen (Ming Pao)

New subject 29 core modules reduced to 12. Teachers: Too many areas need to be chosen (Ming Pao)

New subject 29 core modules reduced to 12. Teachers: Too many areas need to be chosen (Ming Pao)


[Ming Pao] After the reform of Life and Social Studies into Civics, Economics and Social Studies, there are 12 modules. In addition to the significant increase in the "national" element, the old subject "Personal and Group Development" is retained, which includes exploring factors affecting the growth of young people, the connotation of love, and the relationship with sex, etc. Some secondary school teachers said that the subject has as many as 29 core modules, which need to be selected from other subjects to be taught. Some secondary school life and social studies teachers said that there are as many as 29 core units in the subject, so they need to choose the teaching contents. Schools may omit the part of "personal and group sex development" and teach the related knowledge in other subjects, so the school sector has been looking forward to the revision of the curriculum, so as to improve the situation of "not being able to teach the subject".


According to the "Civic, Economic and Social (S1-S3) Syllabus" published by the Education Bureau yesterday, there are three major areas of study, one of which is to retain the "Personal and Group Sexuality Development" component of the Life and Social Studies subject, which aims to enable students to learn how to reject gambling, drug abuse, smoking, drinking and sex initially, as well as to encourage students to develop their potentials and to work hard for the well-being of their own goals and those of others, so that they can have a fruitful life, etc. The Education Bureau has also announced that it will continue to review the curriculum in order to improve the teaching of the subject.


Hope to reorganise the curriculum for "better teaching".


Chan Ka Wai, Head of Life and Social Studies of CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School, said that many schools thought that the subject had too many modules, and that the school had put "Personal and Group Development" into the Religious Studies and Counselling Section in the past. She also said that the content of the social studies section was repetitive, for example, the topics of "Managing Money Wisely" and "Spending Wisely" both teach the meaning of "wants" and "needs". She hoped that the reorganisation of the curriculum would "make teaching smoother" and believed that the change had nothing to do with "what happened a few years ago".


Chan said it was difficult to say whether the new curriculum could be tried out in September next year. Schools would have to study the syllabus of the new subject in detail, and it also depended on whether the publishers would be able to provide the teaching materials in time.