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  • Secondary school sets up "Virtual Classroom" to watch the Opening Ceremony video.

Secondary school sets up "Virtual Classroom" to watch the Opening Ceremony video.

  • Lau Wing Sang Secondary School completed its online commencement ceremony yesterday with the participation of all 24 classes of teachers and students. Photo by Wong Chung Wai


    (Sing Tao Daily News reported) the education bureau allows schools to resume face-to-face classes in the week before, according to the school-based situation to arrange some students to return to school for half-day learning activities, a secondary school frankly said that by then it will be arranged for all sixth form students to return to school in the morning, the afternoon of the Internet class, the implementation of face-to-face classroom and online teaching dual-track, and that more than a hundred pieces of antifoam boards have been produced, to be used in the future when the resumption of whole-day classroom.


      The epidemic is getting under control, the Education Bureau pointed out that the earliest primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong can start from the 16th of this month, according to the school-based situation, allow up to one-sixth of the students to return to school to carry out half-day learning activities, located in Chai Wan, the CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School, the principle of the school, Mr. Lam Tat-ho, said, the 16th of this month to 22nd will be defined as the "adaptation stage", will be arranged for the whole class of Form 6 and 5 students, according to the morning and afternoon periods to go back to school classes, by that time, will be a physical classroom The physical classrooms and online classes will be conducted in parallel.


      He pointed out that the online teaching experience accumulated during the epidemic had not lagged behind the teaching progress, but face-to-face classroom teaching was more effective. Arranging for some students to return to school not only consolidates students' knowledge in the classroom, but also hopes that students can re-adapt to the classroom; and the school plans to arrange for S1 students to return to school to carry out adaptation activities on the eve of the resumption of the first phase of the school year.


      The school held an online commencement ceremony and class teacher lesson yesterday. All 24 classes of teachers and students logged on to the "virtual classroom" according to the timetable issued beforehand to watch the pre-recorded video of the commencement ceremony, which lasted for about 40 minutes and was a smooth process, and the "New Year Orientation Day" will be held today as the final rehearsal for the whole school to attend the online lesson at the same time.


      Mr Lam said that students would not be forced to turn on the camera during the online lesson, so it was believed that students would not be distracted, such as playing mobile phones or falling asleep. Teachers would also make use of different types of learning software to interact with students in real time, so as to make sure that students would concentrate on the lesson and understand their learning situation.


      In addition, he said that apart from strictly following the guidelines of the authorities on epidemic prevention, the school had produced more than 100 anti-foam sheets for all S1 students and placed them on classroom desks for use in the future when full-day classes resumed, so as to minimise the risk of infection during midday meal time when masks were removed.