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  • Secondary schools prepare for the resumption of classes, hoping that S6 students will be the first to resume classes.

Secondary schools prepare for the resumption of classes, hoping that S6 students will be the first to resume classes.


[Now News Channel] Some secondary school principals welcome the resumption of classes and hope that Form 6 students can be the first to return to school. They also plan to make use of the activity room with more space as a classroom for the lower grade students. Some kindergarten principals also said they were confident about the resumption of classes.


S1, S5 and S6 students will be the first to resume classes on 23 September. The secondary school in Chai Wan has already started to prepare for the resumption of classes. It plans to arrange for students in lower grades to attend classes in classrooms with more space, and will install transparent plastic sheets to prevent the spread of droplets. The school authorities hope that the Education Bureau can arrange for the resumption of Secondary 6 classes as soon as possible in preparation for the HKDSE Examination.


Mr Lam Tat-ho, Principal of CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School, said, "Under the safety condition, the school would like to resume all S6 classes as soon as possible, no matter in the morning or in the afternoon, or allow us to resume classes in the morning physically, and then the students go home to have their meals, and then go back to the school physically to make up for the lessons; or our school will conduct the make-up lessons on the internet in the afternoon. As long as the meal arrangements are properly handled, I believe all of them are possible."


Some kindergarten principals pointed out that upper class students resumed lessons in mid-June and believed that with the experience of the last time, it would not be too difficult to resume lessons this time.


Kindergarten principal Wong Suk-fong said, "We have already prepared the curriculum, it's not difficult, we have already thought about it in advance. Once classes resume, we will sterilise the school three days in advance. Heat detectors, masks and smart panels have been ordered by many schools. In fact, most parents want their children to go to school as soon as possible, and they are already psychologically prepared for it, just a week earlier or later."


However, she is worried that if the pre-primary classes cannot be resumed, relying on non-face-to-face programmes alone is not satisfactory, and once some parents drop out, the operation of the school will be affected.