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Some students return to school to participate in learning activities before school resumes P6 students: It's better to see classmates in real life than ZOOM S6 students: Learning English online is not very absorbing



[Online News] Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools will resume classes in phases next week, and before the resumption of classes, schools can allow a small number of students to return to the school to participate in no more than half a day of learning activities. The primary school in Wan Chai can first return to school is the sixth grade students, primary six Liu students: "(no class) like a month? A year? I can't remember. I'm very happy and a bit nervous, and I'll know our marks and faults when I hand out the questionnaires today."


Before the resumption of classes, the Education Bureau has approved that some students may return to school to participate in orientation and counselling activities. However, only one-sixth of all students were allowed to attend half-day classes. Primary 6 student Yim said, "Even though I can see my classmates on ZOOM, it is better to see them in person. Sometimes I can't hear them clearly when they are talking through the screen, and I don't have many chances to talk. The principal said that there are five classes of about 130 Primary 6 students attending the school, Sheng Kung Hui St. James' Primary School Principal Zhang Yongbang: "After the examination, the examination papers have not been checked, the use of these three days to return to the school to correct the papers, processing scores, to account for a little bit, so the first selection of Grade 6 (first return to the school). Then next Monday and Tuesday to give the opportunity to Year 1, because the original August adaptation programme are not able to come."


The last time Primary Six students went to school face-to-face was in June this year, and many of them have been looking forward to today for a long time, but what about the secondary school? What about the secondary school? In the morning, only the Senior Secondary 6 students will come back because they have to prepare for the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) Examination. In the afternoon, some F.5 students will come back to make up lessons, and those who are going to take the DSE said that it is inevitable that they will have to do the examination papers for F.6. S6 Wong: "The diagnosis was made yesterday and it's not every day. But it's unavoidable because we can't stop going to class when we're already in S6." Chinese: "I'm most worried about English because I don't absorb it too well online, but it's better when I see the teacher."


The morning assembly of this secondary school in Chai Wan is arranged in the classroom, with plastic boards separating students' seats, and each lesson is shortened by five minutes. The headmaster was worried about the risk of infection if classes resumed, so the classroom was adjusted. Mr Lam Tat-ho, Principal of CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School, said, "The resumption of classes will be based on conservative teaching activities, and students will not be allowed to work in groups or in pairs. Even if we do experiments, we have to do them by ourselves and we cannot share equipment. We don't have to change clothes for physical education classes, just theory classes or soft stretching exercises." The Principal said that she would arrange for the newly promoted S1 students to return to school on Monday and Tuesday next week, so that they could familiarise themselves with the school environment and the class teachers and students could get to know each other.