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  • St Paul's Boys' School and other prestigious schools to change their online listings (Sing Tao Daily)

St Paul's Boys' School and other prestigious schools to change their online listings (Sing Tao Daily)


St Paul's Boys' School and other prestigious schools to change their online listings

2020-07-21 00:00

(Sing Tao Daily) The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination results will be released tomorrow. In response to the worsening epidemic, Secretary for Education Yeung Yun-hung suggests that schools should make use of the Internet to release the results as far as possible, but schools are allowed to arrange for students to go back to school for face-to-face counselling, provided that arrangements are made for them to go back in batches and at different time intervals.



A number of prestigious schools, including St Paul's Co-educational College, La Salle College and Diocesan Boys' College, have indicated that they will not arrange for students to return to school to collect their result slips. Some secondary schools are still open for collection and have set up an "Exit Consultation Area" in their assembly halls for students who have made appointments to collect their result slips.

The Examinations and Assessment Authority (EAA) issued a circular yesterday to introduce the steps for obtaining electronic notification of results, reminding schools that they can log on to the relevant system to download the notification of results from 6.45am tomorrow morning; the original notification of results for private candidates will be distributed through the postal service, and will be delivered by Friday at the latest. Mr Yeung Yun-hung said that in consideration of the hygiene and safety of staff and students, it is recommended that schools should release results online as far as possible, so that students do not need to return to school in person, and if they have the need for counselling on further education and employment, they can do so over the phone or through social media platforms.



However, Mr Yeung Yun-hung said that if schools thought that it would be easier for students to return to school in person for counselling, they were allowed to do so, provided that this was done in batches and time slots, so that students could not "sit in rows" and wait for their report cards as they did in the past, and that "I believe that every school has the ability to make such arrangements, and that it understands the needs of its students best". He believes that this is not to shift the responsibility to the school, stressing that the decision announced now is clear and schools can make their own decisions according to their needs.



We have checked or called a number of secondary schools to enquire about their release arrangements. Many of them have already indicated that they have switched to online release of results, and many of them are traditionally famous schools, such as St. Paul's Co-educational College, La Salle College, Diocesan Boys' College, Diocesan Girls' College, and Heep Yunn Secondary School, etc. Some of them are providing their results online. Some schools provide counselling for further studies online. For example, the Cognitio College (Kowloon) arranges online preparatory meetings for the real-time release of school results, while Po Leung Kuk Lee Shing Bik Secondary School also provides counselling for further studies and careers by phone or video.



The CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary School in Chai Wan opens its campus for needy students to receive counselling even though it releases the results online. The school has set up eight "Exit Consultation Areas" in the auditorium, with noticeboards separating the areas and transparent plastic boards between the seats of teachers and students. Principal Lam Tat-ho pointed out that, in order to avoid crowds of people gathering, students in need of counselling should contact their class teachers for an appointment first.